We do it now

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There are many problems
Together, we develop peaceful and global approaches and solutions.
And we appreciate all existing approaches.
Because we have this one earth.


If I had a free wish,
I would want to live like that!

Every human being is valuable,
as well as all other life on this earth.

I know my limits and needs and I pay attention to the limitations and needs of the other.

My / our goal is that everywhere by the own employment a good life is possible.

The earth is our home,
we are jointly responsible
that these are still for many generations of
Humans, animals, plants
and all other living beings
will remain a home.
What would be your wish?

We meet "OKiTalk" to consciously think and act together for our earth.


Everyone can actively participate.

December 20 19:00 in the We-do-it-now room
December 29 19:00 as a broadcast